206 – The Gentlemen

206 – The Gentlemen on Apple Podcasts

Guy Ritchie returns to the guns ‘n’ geezers mine with The Gentlemen, a caper with a beautifully dressed and enjoyably playful cast. We discuss his stylish direction, ability to work with actors, the audiences that adore his work, how the film functions as fantasy, and its issues with being casually offensive.

The podcast can be listened to in the players above or on iTunes.

With José Arroyo of First Impressions and Michael Glass of Writing About Film.


1 thought on “206 – The Gentlemen

  1. beegeeblueboy

    A disappointment. Too slow to develop in the first hour. Too derivative of Snatch and Lock Stock. Michelle Dockery wooden as usual – why didn’t they cast Gemma Arterton?

    The witty dialogue of S and LS2SB is missing which gives us no memorable scenes to watch again. A “Keep your fingers out of my soup” is nowhere to be found.



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